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Here to Help – About Kallyss


Kallyss was established in 2020 to assist customers with their challenges, when searching for the right loans and financial products, tailored to their specific needs. Kallyss always aims to provide a degree of financial freedom to borrowers.

When it comes to personal loans, most people have to pound the streets and check what they can borrow by going in-store to various lenders, taking up so much of their precious time. With Kallyss, all you have to do is fill in a loan request using our simple online form to get started.

Looking for loans in this way can lead borrowers to illegal and illegitimate lenders. Kallyss has been established to offer those looking for loans for any purpose a safe and secure, online service that is truly confidential and technology-driven; and ultimately designed to help customers borrow money online.

Kallyss doesn’t charge customers any fees for filling out a loan request and we remain truly dedicated to our customers. Our commissions come from lenders who provide a fee for successful enquiries. Together, this means that we can work to help each borrower improve their financial position and get a little further in life.

For any enquiries, to find out more and for any questions, please get in touch with Kallyss today.


How Does Kallyss Work?

Kallyss provides a ‘loan connection service.’ Using innovative technology, internal systems and processes, we connect your loan requirements and requests with a US-lender most likely to approve you, offering you the best terms possible for whichever loan you require.

Our online loan request form takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion of our request form, you will receive a provisional quote, securely on your screen. You can then safely, securely and confidentially proceed with your loan offer. Our online loans connection service comes with no stress, no fees and no impact to your credit score.

Once the lender you are matched with has carried out a few simple checks, successful applicants can receive money into their checking account within 1 hour, 24 hours or simply the next business day.

With Kallyss you can be sure our processes are safe, secure, confidential and always totally free of charge!