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Kallyss Matches You With The Best Online Lenders in the US At The Best Rates

If you need to borrow $100 to $35,000, simply fill in our online form. It’s simple and free of charge to apply with Kallyss. Once accepted, you can receive your funds in just a few hours (or the next business day.)

Borrow $100 to $35,000 with our easy online application. Get Started Today!

Here to Help – About Kallyss

Kallyss was established in 2020 by Samuel Davies. Having noticed that the online loans market in the US was saturated with old fashioned lenders and loan brokers, Samuel saw the need to set up something better; a company that harnesses the power of industry leading technology to help people borrow money online, matching borrowers with the lender most likely to be able to accommodate their needs.

Kallyss assesses multiple data points to determine which borrower is best suited to which lender, all in real-time and rapidly.

Kallyss doesn’t charge customers any fees for filling out a loan request and we remain dedicated to our customers and partners. Our service is free of charge for all borrowers and that will never change.

samuel davies founder kallyss

“When it comes to personal loans, most people have to pound the streets and check what they can borrow by going in-store to lenders, taking up so much of their precious time, they could otherwise be spending with their family. when you need to borrow money online, with Kallyss, all you have to do is fill in a loan request using our simple online form to get started and let our technology do the rest.”

– Samuel Davies, Founder of Kallyss

Borrow Money Online Today

If you need to borrow money online today for financial emergencies and other unexpected bills and expenses, getting started with Kallyss, is a great way to start getting back on your feet.

Why Kallyss?

The name, ‘Kallyss’ draws its inspiration from the journey of its founder, Samuel Davies and the towns and neighbourhoods he moved through on his journey to start Kallyss. This, twinned with his business motto “You shouldn’t stop” all came together as a mnemonic:

Our Founder’s Journey

Samuel Davies was born in Kentucky, but at a young age, his parents relocated to Austin, Texas, where they settled close to the Lower Waller Creek area of the city. After turning 22, Samuel moved to Laredo, Texas to start his career in finance at a young startup, where he discovered his love for finance, business, startups and helping people. Samuel’s motto to this day is “you shouldn’t stop.”

Of the name, Samuel says:

“So many companies in the US online loans space have names that don’t mean all that much to the company, their founders and their customers. Kallyss is very different. The name and its meaning are very close to my heart and signify the journey I took to this point with my family and business career. Kallyss will always work hard to make the lives of our customers easier. We always adhere to the best practices we can and never forget our roots.”

Using innovative technology, internal systems and processes, Kallyss connects your loan request, based on your requirements and multiple data points with a US-lender most likely to approve you from our panel of trusted and experienced payday and online lenders, always striving to offer you the best terms possible for whichever loan you require.

Borrow Money Online Today

For any enquiries, to find out more and for any questions, please get in touch with Kallyss today.

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