Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kallyss a Direct Lender?

No, Kallyss is not a direct lender. We work with many different payday loan direct lenders and online loan providers across the US to bring you the best loans online, no matter where you are in the USA, so long as payday lending is legal in your state. We are an online loans connection service and act as the loans broker and ‘middleman,’ connecting you with the best loans online in the US for your needs and requirements. Because Kallyss is not a direct lender, we can always work to find you the best loans from multiple lenders.

Does Kallyss Charge Any Application Fees?

Kallyss does not charge any application fees and all online loans with us are free to apply for. We never charge a fee for submitting a loan enquiry form and we never will. We work with many payday lenders and other lenders across the US, who pay us a commission for accepted loans

Can I Pay Off My Loan Before It is Due?

Yes. You may wish to repay a payday loan before its due date and many of the payday lenders we work with do allow you to pay off a payday loan before the due date. If you believe you may wish to repay your loan before its due date, try speaking to the lender who will be able to assist and help you.

How Long Does It Take To Submit a Loan Enquiry?

Submitting a loan enquiry with us takes just a few minutes and all we need are a few simple details from you to find out a little more. We understand that you may need to borrow money fast and that you don’t want to be spending all your time applying online for payday loans and other forms of short term finance. That is why, at Kallyss, we have a simple loan enquiry form to help you get started, which takes just a few minutes to complete. Once completed and submitted, you can receive an instant decision and same day funding for your payday loan or other short term loan.

Will Applying for a Loan Affect My Credit Score?

Submitting a loan enquiry form with us and applying for a loan online will not negatively impact or affect your credit score. If you are accepted for a loan and do not make the repayments, that will harm your credit score. Remember, submitting a loan enquiry with Kallyss is free and you can receive an instant decision on your screen. Making an application for a loan alone will not damage your credit score.

How Do I Apply Online for a Payday Loan?

Getting started with us is easy. Simply submit an online loans enquiry form which takes just a few minutes and is easy to complete. Then, using our smart technology, we will aim to match you quickly with the best lenders for your needs who will be able to make you a loan offer on your screen, quickly, confidentially and securely. Once you accept the loan offer from the lender, they will arrange for the funds to be deposited into your account and for the repayment schedule.

What Types of Loans Do You Offer?

At Kallyss, we offer a range of short term loans and finance, across many different states. Depending on your needs and requirements, you may need a slightly different type of loan and hat is why we work with many different lenders to offer different loans and products to our customers. Working with our panel of lenders across the US, we are able to offer:

Payday Loans

Installment Loans

Emergency Loans

Cash Advance Loans

Fast Cash Loans

Online Loans

No Credit Check Loans

Payday Advance Loans

Bad Credit Loans

Personal Loans

Same Day Loans

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a short term loan that is designed to help you manage from payday to payday and to cover short term needs and emergency expenses. A payday loan will be provided in a single lump sum, which you then pay off in full before your next payday. These loans are designed with speed, efficiency and urgency in mind. Payday loans are not designed for lavish or unnecessary expenses, but are designed to help you stay on your feet and pay off pressing and emergency expenses.

Kallyss lets you borrow $100 to $35,000 depending on which state you are in, your credit score and history, your income and affordability. With our online lenders you can repay your loan over 1 to 60 months, with funds deposited directly to your bank account within 24 hours of being accepted for a loan with us.

Where Can I Find Your Terms and Conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found here. We also operate a strict privacy policy for all use of the website.

How Does Kallyss Work?

Kallyss is a US loans connection service, dedicated to helping customers find the best loans for their needs and emergencies. We are not a direct lender, but we do work with many different lenders across the US who are able to offer different forms of finance and loans.

When a customer submits our loan enquiry form, the information is securely and quickly sent to our lenders in the US, who make an instant decision on the loan and the customer in question. Once the borrower and customer receives their loan decision on their screen, they can choose to accept or reject it. If the loan decision and accepted, the money will be transferred to the customer’s nominated bank account within 24 hours (sometimes less).

Then, the customer can start repaying their loan straight away or by their next payday.

Do You Consider Bad Credit?

Yes. The lenders we work with are willing to accept applications for loans from people with bad credit. This may be in the form of bad credit loans, payday loans for bad credit, emergency loans or something else.

Just because you have been refused credit in the past and just because you may not be able to get a loan online with other websites and lenders, doesn’t mean you can’t submit an online loan enquiry form with Kallyss. the lenders we work with are always willing to take a view on customers with bad credit, no matter your circumstances and no matter where you may be. You may just need a slightly different loan the one you apply for. For example, many people with bad credit require cash advance loans or specific payday loans.

Can I Get a Loan Fast With Kallyss?

Yes. You can receive the funds in your account in as little as an hour. Otherwise, we always aim to ensure that you receive your loan as fast as possible, certainly within 24 hours or the next business day. This means that if for example you are accepted for a loan at 1pm on Monday, you could receive the money in your account by 2pm or by the next day. We understand that sometimes you might just need money fast and that is why we work with lenders that allow you to borrow money online fast, to help you with those unexpected bills and expenses.

Do You Need My Bank Details?

Yes. We need your bank details so that the funds can be transferred to your bank account. We keep all customer details and financial information confidential and our website and systems are encrypted for additional security and customer privacy. We will also not pass on your bank details to any other company or any third parties without your consent.

Does Kallyss Offer Secured Loans?

At present, Kallyss does not offer secured loans in the USA like title loans and property loans. However, we may offer these in the future, so keep an eye out and keep checking back to find out more.

Which States Does Kallyss Operate In?

Kallyss operates in most states in the US where payday lending is legal and permitted by state and federal laws and we are always working to add more states and locations, to allow customers to borrow money wherever they may be. We operate in:
















How much Can I Borrow Online With Kallyss?

We are a loans connection service based in the USA and we allow customers to borrow $100 to $35,000 online, through our panel of lenders. We offer many different types of loans such as online payday loans, installment loans, emergency loans, bad credit loans, cash advance loans and much more. Depending on your credit history, you may be able to borrow $1,000, borrow $5,000, borrow $10,000 or even borrow $35,000. The lenders we work with are willing to consider all applications and submissions and can give you an instant lending decision for your loan, no matter your credit history and financial past.

How Do I Receive the Funds Once Accepted for a Loan?

Once you are accepted for a loan with Kallyss, the money will be deposited into your nominated bank account. You will therefore need to provide us with your bank details so that the lender can pay the funds into your chosen bank account. We also provide you with an instant decision so you can be sure how much you are borrowing and where the funds are going to, before even receiving them.

How Long Does It Take For Funds to Reach My Account?

No matter how much money you need to borrow online through Kallyss, funds will always be sent to your bank account within 24 hours (or the next business day.) However, you may be able to receive the money within just a few hours and on the same day of applying.

Are My Details Kept Secure?

Yes. At Kallyss, we operate a strict privacy policy and we always work hard to make sure than customer details and information are kept private and confidential. Our website, online systems, technology and the lenders we work with all use digital encryption to maintain customer privacy and to make sure your details are kept private at all times. We will also never share your details with any third party without your consent.

How Do Repayments Work?

Repaying a loan is made as simple as possible, with repayments collected automatically from your nominated bank account on the date you arrange and schedule with the direct lender. The lender will sent you reminders on the days before and leading up to repayment, so that you don’t get surprised. Loan repayments are made each month, as agreed with the lender over 1 to 60 months, depending on the size of your loan and the terms agreed with the lender.

How Do Interest Rates Work?

The interest rate you will be charged will vary from lender to lender and different lenders charge different interest rates on payday loans and any other loans they offer. The interest rates you are charged will depend on a number of different factors including the state laws where you are, whether or not the lender is subject to a usery cap or small cap as well as other local and state legislation. The interest rate for payday loans or any loans online will usually be calculated for each $100 you borrow. Make sure you check the details of your loan and its interest rates with the lender.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria to Borrow Money?

To be eligible for a loan through Kallyss you must:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a functioning and live checking account to receive any funds
  • Have a steady income of at least $800 per month ($9,600 per year)
  • Be able to afford the repayments
  • Not necessarily have good credit (we consider bad credit)

What information Do Lenders Need From Customers?

Lenders will require you to meet their eligibility criteria before they are able to offer you a loan. However, to submit a loan enquiry and be able to receive an instant decision, you will need to provide lenders with information to help match you with the best loan for your needs and check whether you can afford the loan and its repayments. You will need to state:

  • Your personal information (such as full name and address)
  • Contact information (email address and phone number)
  • Information about your monthly income
  • Bank account details

Do I Have to Accept the Loan After I Receive an Offer?

No. You are not obliged to accept the loan offered to you once you are accepted. We always provide you with an instant loan decision on your screen after applying for any loan with us. However, it is your decision whether or not you accept the loan and you are not obliged to accept the loan just because you are accepted.

How Do I Sign For My Loan Online?

Kallyss is a 100% online loans connection service. This means that everything, from your loan enquiry to accepting a loan is done online. When it comes to signing for your loan once you accept it, this is all done online through our secure portal, which is secure and confidential.

Do I Need a Bank Account?

Yes. You will need a working US bank account in order to receive your funds. We always aim for you to receive the money within 24 hours, or even within just a few hours. The lenders we work with require you to have a live and working bank account where they can send the funds to once you are accepted for your loan online.

Will I Get Notified If My Loan Request Is Accepted?

Yes. We are based 100% online and use clever technology and algorithms to match you with the best online lender for the loan you need. After applying online for any loan with us you will receive an instant decision on your screen from the lender which will tell you how much money you can borrow, how long you can repay the loan over and what the terms of the loan are. This allows you to borrow money online quickly, securely and safely through our online systems and lenders we work with.

What Happens If I Can't Repay My Loan By The Due Date?

If you can’t make your repayments on the due date, it is important you speak to your lender as soon as possible and as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to make your repayments on schedule. Some lenders may let you apply for a loan extension and if possible you should discuss this with the lender at the start of the loan’s term. However, some lending companies and some states in the US do not allow loan roll-overs and extensions, so you should discuss this with your lender as soon as you can.

What Happens if I Am Late With Repayments?

If you are late with your repayments you may be charged a late repayment fee. Repaying loans late can also affect your credit score which can impact your chances of getting approved for any other loan or finance in the future. If you think you may be late repaying your loan it is important you discuss this with your lender as soon as you can as they may be able to help you avoid late fees and damaging your credit score for the future.

How Are My Repayment Due Dates Determined?

Your repayment due dates will be agreed between the borrower and the lender before the loan terms commences. It is important that you read and understand all of the eligibility criteria as well as the terms with your chosen lender. The lender will automatically take repayments from your bank account on the dates agreed, so make sure you understand when payment is due so that you don’t miss any scheduled repayments, as doing so may harm your credit score.