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Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget


Whilst Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be one of the most expensive, with searches around things like ‘borrow money online‘ and ‘get cash fast’ more popular than at any other time of year. With all the gifts, food, decorations and travel costs, it may seem like this time of year can’t help but add up. Whilst you may think that needing to spend loads of money is the only way to get fully into the festive holiday mood, there are in fact some great ways to still have a great holiday season without breaking the bank. 

Having a strict budget shouldn’t mean that your gifting options are limited. Here’s our guide to the best Christmas gift ideas on a budget! 

Budgeting Over Christmas 

Setting a budget over the holidays can help encourage you to think more sustainably this festive season. While shopping on a budget, it might motivate you to shop locally or to take a browse of a local thrift store. In turn, inspiring you to be more sustainable elsewhere – such as, re-using wrapping paper and ribbons, or opting for more eco-friendly choices like paper wrapping. 

But, before you set off shopping you must first set your budget. To save money over Christmas you could, for example, set a strict $20 rule. So, you keep under this figure each time you get a gift. Then, be sure to prioritize your Christmas purchases to stop yourself from being tempted when out shopping during the holiday season. 

You should also beware of any Christmas ‘deals’. Around this time you’ll see a lot of “special offers” and “unmissable deals” and it can be difficult not to get sucked in. But, to avoid unnecessary spending, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on looking for cheaper gifts which, if you look in the right places, will stop you from thinking that a bigger price tag makes for a better present ever again.

Keep an eye out for deals this festive season, but, be aware that some deals aren’t as good as they seem!

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, employee grandparent or even a friend – here are some of the cheapest and most fun gift ideas you could choose this Christmas. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find the right gift! 

1. Cosmetic Collection

There are tons of variations of makeup and skincare gift sets that are often reduced around Christmas time. These will typically include a bunch of great products inside a reusable makeup bag. You can always find this kind of set at your local beauty retailer or pharmacy chain for anywhere between $20-30, and they would make the perfect gift for anybody seeking a bit of luxury this festive season.

2. Purse or Wallet

A purse or wallet is a timeless and, not to mention, extremely useful gift to give this Christmas. Although there can be pricey wallets, plenty of beautifully-made cheaper options would make perfect stocking fillers or standalone presents this year.

3. Journal

You only need to browse any of your local stationary stores, or even online stores like Amazon, to find a plethora of beautiful journals that can make a truly thoughtful, and relatively cheap, gift this Christmas. This present will be sure to set your nearest and dearest off in excellent mental stead come the new year.

4. Shelf Succulent

A succulent can brighten up any shelf and makes for the perfect little gift for any plant lover. You can find succulents at any garden center or major grocery stores and always be sure to find them at a good price – typically at around $5 or less.

5. Diffuser

Who wouldn’t want a gadget that can help them wind down in the evening with the aromas of relaxing essential oils? Diffusers can make a great gift for anyone you know who loves to treat themselves, sit back and recline with a bath or a good book at the end of the day.

6. Scarf

Everybody needs a good staple scarf for their winter wardrobe, and you can find plenty of cheap scarves that are of just good quality and coziness. At ASOS, you can even pick up a scarf personalized with your loved ones’ initials for just $15 if you want to give a winter accessory with a bit of flare this Christmas.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Although a Bluetooth speaker may sound like a pricey gift, you can actually pick up one of these gadgets from anywhere between $15-$25. A Bluetooth speaker is guaranteed to be a popular pick for anyone’s Christmas list, and you can purchase one at a good price at online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

8. Mug

You can never go wrong giving a mug to anyone you know who is a known tea or coffee fanatic. You can treat any caffeine-head in need of a fabulous new addition to their kitchenware cupboard with a beautifully crafted Anthropologie-inspired mug which you usually pick up for around $5. Just try browsing stores like Pottery Barn or any of the homeware sections of major grocery stores, such as Target.

9. Reusable Bottle or Coffee Flask

This is an extremely functional present for anyone you know who is always on the go. Not only is this gift environmentally friendly but you can find high-quality, durable stainless steel bottles from Amazon that can make for a great stocking filler from anywhere between $10-$15.

10. Personalized Recipe Book

Last, but not least, you could buy a recipe book for someone that either loves cooking or needs a bit of encouragement to start! You can find personalized recipe books widely online, and they come with great organization tabs and even tips for beginners!