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Top 5 Best US Towns for Young Families


When deciding to move your family to a new area, it can seem like a daunting task with many different possibilities. If you are looking to move with a young family, there are certain important factors to consider including quality of life, affordability, crime rate, healthcare and schools in the area. Here are 5 of the best US towns for young families.

1. Syracuse, New York 


The hustle and bustle of New York City is world famous. However, the ‘city that never sleeps’ might not be the ideal location for raising a young family. In upstate New York, you find the idyllic Syracuse. Known as an affordable metro area, with residents here typically spending around 22% of their median household income on housing costs, there is a great deal of disposable income left to enjoy.

For working parents, the average morning commute is just over 20 minutes, maximizing the time they can stay home with their kids. Home prices here are still relatively affordable at $194,758, relative to an average annual salary of $54,890. Home to plenty of entertainment, museums, galleries and performing arts venues, there is no shortage of things to do in Syracuse. The small city is also known for being safe with a high quality of life.

2. Bolder, Colorado


Boulder has been ranked 4th in the overall Best Places to Live in the US. For families, one of the best things about Boulder is that it is a city with one of the highest average salaries in the US. It is known for its excellent schooling and ranks second for college readiness – this is compelling for those with young families looking for their children to thrive academically.

Known for its ample opportunities in Colorado for outdoor entertainment including trails and parks, it is a great place for children to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors as a family. Not only that, it is known for having a low crime rate and a thriving economy.

3. Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah’s Salt Lake City is known to be a super family-friendly metro area. With one of the lowest median ages of US cities (30.7 years old), it is clear that there is a high prevalence of children and young families. In recent years, Salt Lake City has scoured highly for quality of life and job market. Salt Lake City has some of the best transportation routes, making it very easy to get around with your young family. Due to this, there is also an average commute time of just 22.8 minutes making it easier for working parents.

Another perk of living here is its affordability. Although house prices are not some of the lowest, there are many inexpensive homes around the city and across neighboring suburbs. Another great thing about Salt Lake City is Utah’s strong economy. Home to many businesses, the state is known for ample employment opportunities and a thriving economy.

4. Portland, Maine


Scoring high for community pride, sense and security and overall happiness, it is no surprise that Portland, Maine makes it onto the list of the best places to live in the US for young families. With consistently low crime rates, Portland has also been voted as one of the most beautiful towns in the US. With its extensive maritime culture, there are plenty of forts and lighthouses to explore in this beautiful coastal town, making it a fun place to do activities with your young family.

5. Minneapolis – St Paul, Minnesota 


This area is known for its low cost of living and excellent schooling options. As one of the most affordable areas in the US, residents typically spend around 23% of their median annual household income on housing costs, relative to the high average annual salary of around $62,560. Home to a thriving art scene, countless options for restaurants and entertainments, and with a backdrop of beautiful lakes and waterfalls, this area is a great place to raise children.