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Top Ways To Save Money In The Summer


Summer is a time of enjoyment, getting together with friends, and taking advantage of the great weather; however, it can also be an expensive time. Many people find that much like Christmas time in the US, summer time can be a time of needing to borrow money now to cover tomorrow’s expenses and bills.

With holidays, going out and more to spend money on in the sunny weather, summertime can become very expensive and can lead some people into debt, which should of course always be avoided.

Here’s how to cut costs this summer without ruining the fun.

Take Advantage Of The Great Outdoors To Save Money

Summer is the perfect time to get in shape and rediscover the best that nature has to offer.  Rather than spending your money on expensive gym memberships, why not take advantage of the warmer months to get outdoors and get fit. 

Try out running or take your yoga mat down to the park for some restorative yoga, Pilates or HIIT exercises. This will of course depend on which state you are in. For example, it is more likely that Texas residents will be able to enjoy hot weather rather than people in colder states.

You can also take advantage of longer daylight hours. Rather than stay at home and waste resources from putting on the air conditioning or the television, why not take your evening plans outside. 

Make the most of the good weather and use the time to go for long walks, meet for an outdoor drink or take a picnic to your local park. Not only will you save money on electricity by not being outdoors, you will also get some fresh air and make the most of the summer weather.

Keep Driving To a Minimum to Cut Costs

Fuel prices are at an all time high so the less you can drive, the better and the more it will help you budget effectively and use your money a little better. Think about which journeys are essential and in which cases you might be able to cycle, walk or take public transport. If you are going somewhere with people you know, think about carpooling to save taking multiple cars to one destination.

This will also encourage you to consolidate your trips to the grocery store. If you are only going once a week, you can be more disciplined about only buying what you need. Always shop with a list so that you avoid unnecessary impulse buys and work with a meal plan so that you know exactly the ingredients you need.

Reducing the amount you drive in the summer can help you save on gas money

Save Money on Your Household Bills

You can make simple changes during the summer months to keep your bills low. For example, rather than blasting the AC, use the natural climate on cooler nights to keep your house cool. Open your windows in order to circulate natural cool air. By reducing the money you spend on utilities you can also avoid having to utilize emergency loans to cover the bills when you overspend. 

You could also install fans to enhance the effect of the cooler air. Close your windows again before the morning comes to avoid the heat of the day entering the house. This will save you huge amounts on the cost of air conditioning.

Keeping your blinds or curtains drawn during the day will also block the sunshine from coming in and heating up the house. This will also make a big impact when it comes to improving your energy bill.

Drying Your Clothes Inside

Use the warm weather as a way to save money on the tumble dryer. 

Hang your laundry up outside if you can and let the summer weather do the drying for you. Letting your clothes air dry saves them from getting stuffy in the dryer and will also save on your energy bills.

While you are at it, try to wash your laundry in a colder setting. Approximately 75% of the energy used when doing laundry comes from the water heating up. However, your clothes will still be clean even if you wash them in cold water. Not only that, but your clothes will not be as strained by cold water as they are by warm water meaning that they may even last longer.

Hanging your laundry to dry instead of using a tumble dryer can save you money on your electricity bills

Plan a Staycation

Why not plan a staycation this summer and live like a tourist in your own town. The average American spends $1,979 on summer vacation every year; costs which are easily cut down by discovering the best your hometown has to offer this summer. Even if you still find yourself needing to borrow money to cover the cost of a holiday, by staying closer to home and in the US, you may for example find you only need a $600 loan rather than say, a $2,500 loan, saving yourself money and reducing the debt you do take on. Why not try out vacation ideas in your local area and do things that you would never normally do?