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The Best Payday Loans in Alabama Online!

If you need a payday loan anywhere in Alabama, from Jasper to Huntsville Montgomery and Mobile to Birmingham or anywhere else, Kallyss can find the best payday loans in Alabama for you. Our online application process is easy and you could receive same day funding.

Borrow as little as $100 or as much as $35,000 with Kallyss. Get Started Today!

How Can I Find Payday Loans in Alabama?

If you live in Alabama, whether you live in Montgomery, Dothan, Birmingham or anywhere else in the state, Kallyss can help you find the best loans in Alabama for when financial    emergencies strike. Today, Alabama continues to be one of the poorest states in the US with many struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living continues to rise.

Our online loans connection service is fast, free to use, and may be able to provide you with an instant decision. Borrow $500, $1,000 or even up to $35,000 in Alabama, all online, with no hidden costs, as soon as today. If you need to borrow money in Alabama, simply apply for a loan today with Kallyss and get a fast decision.

Fast Emergency Cash Loans in Alabama

Payday loans, sometimes referred to as ‘fast emergency cash advance loans,’ are available to residents of the State of Alabama. Wherever you live in the state, from Mobile to Auburn, Kallyss may be able to help you find payday loans in Alabama when you need it most.

Our fast loans connection service provides you with a fast decision in minutes and you an even get same day funding, with the money in your account in as little as an hour in some cases. In times of a financial emergency, a payday loan can help you get the extra cash you need to help you with short term financial issues. Get the help you need with groceries, utility bills or even for car repairs.

Online Payday Loans in Alabama Near You

Because we are based online, it doesn’t matter where in Alabama you are. We work with lenders across the state and can help you find a payday loan in Alabama from the comfort of your home on your desktop, smartphone or tablet device.

Alabama, admitted to the union in 1819 as the 22nd state, is home to over 5 million citizens. Located in the south-eastern region of the United States, Alabama is a popular place to visit, live and work in. However, Alabama currently faces an unemployment rate of 2.60%, and many are also living in poverty as the cost of living increases with inflation.

That’s why payday loans in Alabama may be a viable option to consider. Borrow $100, borrow $600 online through Kallyss. We are a 100% online loans connection service operating across the state. Consumers can get started as quickly as today online to request to borrow a payday loan in Alabama. 

Borrow Money Online Today

Whether you live in the capital of Alabama in Montgomery, Auburn, Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville or even Jasper or Florence, payday loans from Kallyss are always near you and just a few clicks away. We work with a network of experienced US lenders who can help you find a payday loan in the State of Alabama, with no stress and and a fast online process.

Why Choose Kallyss for a Payday Loan in Alabama?

We are an established, experienced and reputable loans connection service operating in many states across the USA. The lenders we work alongside are trusted, licensed and follow all of the regulations for payday lending set out in Alabama.

Bad Credit Considered

We consider all applicants with all credit types. Therefore, if you have bad credit or a poor credit rating and have experienced difficulty in the past with getting any loan, we will still consider your application. We believe that your past should not determine your future. At Kallyss, having bad credit and having made mistake in the past will not determine your future and will not automatically exclude you from getting a bad credit payday loan in Alabama with us or the lenders we work with. What’s more is that by repaying your loan on time can in some cases help you improve your credit for the future.


Once approved for a loan, we will provide you with an instant decision on your screen in front of you.

Our lenders will also aim to fund your loan as quickly as possible and get the cash you need into your checking account on the same day (or next business day) and in some cases in a matter of hours.

For a secure, fast and hassle-free payday loan service, get started with Kallyss.

Reputable & Fast Service

Not only are we a reputable loans connection service, but we also provide a fast, professional and friendly service to all new and existing customers. Our processes are al driven by the latest industry technology, which allows us to find the best payday loans for you and your specific needs and circumstances.

We also always work to protect your data, both financial and personal, with confidentiality a key part of the service we provide.

How Does an Alabama Payday Loan Work?

Our online payday loan process is straightforward. All you have to do is fill out our online loan request form, provide us with a few details, and we can then get you started and help you get the money you need to get back on your feet and out of financial trouble.

Once you submit your application, we will aim to match you to a lender in Alabama to help you get the payday loan you need. If you are happy with their offer, you can then accept the offer and proceed. Then, you can expect to receive your funds as soon as possible in your nominated checking account. Our process is no obligation and you do not have to accept the offer a lender makes. However, if you do accept a loan offer, you could receive your funds as quickly as in one hour.

Kallyss provides a fast and easy online payday request process – our form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and submit and can be completed either on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home. We always aim make payday loans in Alabama as easy as possible.

Are Payday Loans Legal in Alabama?

Yes. Payday loans in Alabama are legal, with a few restrictions on how much you can borrow. In the State of Alabama, you can usually borrow a maximum principal loan amount of $500. It is possible to get a loan for a short period of time like ten days or a longer period of time as long as 31 days. With Kallyss, you can apply online quickly and can get a range of loans including installment loans, cash advance options and short term loans depending on your circumstances and what you need the cash for.

Alabama payday loan laws allow payday lenders in the state to operate both online and in store, with a number of lenders available throughout the state:

Status of Payday Lending in Alabama Legal
Minimum Loan Term 10 days
Maximum Loan Terms 31 days
Cooling Off Period 1 business day after first rollover
Maximum Loan Amount $500
Maximum Number of Loans Allowed At Once? No limit, up to a total value of $500 for all loans combined
Finance Charges 17.5% per $100 of principle loan amount
Maximum APR 456.25%
State Regulator Alabama Bureau of Loans
Criminal Action Permitted? No
Who Is Eligible for Payday Loans in Alabama?

In order to qualify for an online payday loan in Alabama, you must first meet the required eligibility and affordability criteria that most lenders will follow. To borrow money in Alabama, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an active checking account
  • Provide us with contact details (email and phone number)
  • Be a US citizen and legal resident of Alabama
  • Provide us with some proof of income

Borrowers in Alabama must be able to provide proof of income, which will need to be at least $800 per month in order to qualify for a payday loan in Alabama. To increase your chances of being accepted for a payday loan online, having some form of regular income that you can show the lender is always preferable. However, the lenders we work with consider all applicants and those even with poor credit ratings and people with no bank account can still be considered.

If you believe you meet all of the above, then get started today for a payday loan in Alabama.

Can I Get More Than One Payday Loan At Once?

No. Alabama State Law does not allow borrowers to have more than one payday loan at once. This is mainly to avoid more people falling into debt and ending up in more financial trouble than they started with.

You can however, use a payday loan in Alabama to help pay for food, utility bills, car repairs or even travel costs if absolutely necessary. Always remember that payday loans are designed to help make ends meet before your next paycheck arrives and importantly, once it does, you will then start repaying the payday loan. You can also apply for other loans in Alabama, such as title loans, emergency same day loans and even bad credit loans.

Get Started Today for a Payday Loan in Alabama

Does a payday loan sound right for you? Then you can get started as quickly as today to request a payday loan through Kallyss. Simply fill out one of our online loan request forms and we’ll get the ball rolling. Apply online, fast, and for free with Kallyss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Borrow a Payday Loan in Alabama?

Applying for a payday loan in Alabama with Kallyss is free of charge. If you are successfully connected to a lender and then proceed to take out a loan, we receive a small commission from the lender. How much your payday loan will cost to repay however, will depend on how much money is borrowed, alongside the interest rates you and the lender agree upon.

Can I Get a Payday Loan in Alabama If I Am Unemployed?

Our lenders have a range of eligibility criteria for anyone looking for a payday loan in Alabama. They will consider every application and provide a fast decision for any loan request. It is however always preferable that you are in stable employment with an income of at least $800 per month which you can demonstrate to a lender.

What Can I Use a Payday Loan For?

A payday loan should only ever be used in times of financial emergency. You should always consider the alternatives to a short term loan. There are no specific purposes for using a payday loan in Alabama, but they are typically used for things like:

  • Emergency vehicle repairs
  • Medical bills
  • Credit card bills
  • Vet bills

How Quickly Can I Receive My Loan?

Our online application process takes just a few minutes to complete. If you need to borrow a payday loan anywhere in Alabama, our lenders will give you a fast decision and once approved can provide same day funding for your loan. By completing our form, you can find payday loans from a variety of lenders, easily and efficiently.

Is Kallyss a Lender or Broker?

We are a loans connection service and not a direct lender. This means that we do not directly lend any money. Rather, we connect borrowers to lenders who can then lake the lending decision and fund the necessary loan amount for the borrower.