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Short Term Loans Online
Same Day Funding With Kallyss!

Get a short term loan online with Kallyss. Fast, secure, and no credit check loans available. Whether you need additional help paying utility bills, have unexpected medical bills or require some spare cash, a short term loan can help you, even if you have bad credit. No matter your credit score, you can apply online for a short term loan with Kallyss. Get Started Today.

What Are Short Term Loans?

A short term loan is a loan which is borrowed over a shorter amount of time than a traditional long term loan. You usually borrow smaller amounts of money with short term loans and are typically repaid over a shorter period of time With short term loans online, you can borrow $600, $1000 or even more. 

Short term loans are a form of unsecured personal loan, meaning they require no collateral when borrowing one. A payday loan is an example of a type of short term loan which is borrowed quickly and then repaid on your next payday, helping you get through financial emergencies when then happen.

Short term loans can help cover any immediate costs, and are designed to help you financially in the long-run. This may be useful for those with bad credit scores or history, or those not in the position to use a guarantor or collateral like a house or a car. 

There are various types of short term loans in the US, including:

Installment loans

3 month loans

6 month loans

12 month loans

Apply online today to get a short-term loan fast with Kallyss!

What Can I Use a Short Term Loan For?

Short term loans are typically used for unforeseen circumstances or financial emergencies. For example, if you have a broken boiler, your vehicle suddenly broke down or perhaps you have an unexpected medical bill. Whatever the reason, a short term loan can help get your feet back up and running. Find below some of the many reasons you can use a short term loan for: 

  • Unexpected medical or veterinary bills
  • To fix a broken boiler
  • To repair a vehicle 
  • To pay for utility bills 
  • Travel expenses e.g. to visit an ill relative or to get to a new job 
  • To replace a broken refrigerator 

As short term loans can provide you with money quickly, and are repaid over a shorter period of time, it is strongly advised that they are not used for any ongoing debts or payments. Using a short-term loan for payments, like mortgages or credit card loans, would only cause you to spiral into further debt. 

If you are in financial difficulty, and possibly have ongoing serious debt, then you should consider alternatives to short term loans online. For example, by asking to borrow money from a trusted family member or friend or by seeking professional financial advice. 

Why Should I Get a Short Term Loan with Kallyss?

A short term loan with Kallyss could help see you through unexpected financial difficulties, whether that be you need some spare cash one month yet need to take care of utility bills, or perhaps require money for medical bills. Whatever the reason, you can apply online today to borrow money online and for a short term loan with Kallyss. 

Applying for a short term loan with Kallyss is fast, secure and reliable. As an established loan-matching service, we work with hundreds of direct US lenders who can provide you with the right loan. All you have to do is apply online by filling out one of our online request forms, which should take you no more than 5 minutes. 

Once you have passed our affordability and eligibility criteria, we will then match you with the right lender. You can borrow $100 to $35,000, over 1 to 60 months and once you have agreed to the quote from the direct lender you can get borrowing instantly and can receive the money in your account on the same day (or next business day).

Am I Eligible for a Short Term Loan Online with Kallyss?

To apply for a short term loan online with Kallyss you must meet our basic eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible for an online short term loan, you must: 

  • Be a US citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Have an ongoing income (of at least $800 a month) 
  • Have an active bank account 
  • Live in a state where it is legal to borrow short term loans 

Provided you meet this eligibility criteria, the lender we match you to will then run a quick background check to ensure you can afford to borrow and repay the short term loan, whether you need a $500 loan over a few months or something else. Moreover, you are even eligible to apply with poor credit.


Can I Get a Short Term Loan Online with Bad Credit?

Yes! You can still apply online for a short term loan with Kallyss even if you have bad credit. We understand that not everyone is in the same financial position, and there should be no reason you cannot apply for a loan to help you in times of need. 

We work with many US direct lenders who will consider applicants with a bad credit score very bad credit histories, offering bad credit loan options for those that need it. While this may be reflected in the interest rates applied to your loan, you can still apply online today with Kallyss if you have poor credit.

To apply for a short term loan with a bad credit score, get started by filling out one of our online loan request forms.

Apply for a Short-Term Loan Today with Kallyss

An online short term loan is a great option if you have found yourself in financial difficulty and need emergency cash fast. Often, people cannot predict when a financial emergency may arise – whether you have a broken boiler in need of fixing during the winter, or perhaps you need to fix your vehicle so that you can continue getting to and from work. You could even use a short term loan to help redecorate a room quickly before you move to another home. Whatever you wish to borrow money for, a short term loan might be great for you. 

Provided you meet our eligibility and affordability criteria, then you can easily get a short term loan online fast. Our application process is made easy, all you need to do is provide some personal details (such as your name, address and contact details), and you will then be given an instant decision directly in front of you on your screen! 

Applying for a short term loan with Kallyss is a great option, as we are one of the best online loan matching services available in the US. Once you’ve passed all the checks and agreed to the terms of the short term loan, you can then expect to receive your money almost instantly, or within the next 24 hours or next business day. 

Apply for a short term loan online with Kallyss for fast approval now! 


To borrow any type of loan with us, you must first meet our basic eligibility criteria. For instance, be of legal age, live in a state where loans are legal and provide personal and financial details. While you can find lenders willing to give money to those without jobs, it would certainly your application be approved quicker if you have a current income of at least $800 per month.

Short term loans are categorized as personal unsecured loans, meaning they require no collateral. These type of loans are fit for many purposes, whether that be to pay for unexpected medical bills or even a broken car. A short term loan can be used for a variety of reasons.

You may be unsure whether a short term loan is fit for you. However, there are many advantages and potential drawbacks to consider. For instance, short term loans are easy to apply for, borrowing is instant and can help get you out of any financial emergencies. On the other hand, if you have any ongoing serious debt you may wish to avoid a short term loan as these are fit for short term payments. Using a short term loan to pay for ongoing debts could lead to spiralling debt issues.

You can apply for a short term loan with Kallyss easily – all you have to do is fill out our online loan request form which takes no longer than a few minutes. Once you have done this, you will then be provided with an instant decision. Once your application is approved and you are matched to a direct lender, you will then be given your money instantly and can begin to repay instantly if you prefer.