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The Best Towns to Get a Job in the US


Location is one of the key factors many consider when finding a new job in the US, with job opportunities varying from state to state and even from town to town. The location of a job determines, after all, how much your salary will be and can also influence the industry you work in, with some states thriving for startups, some for financial services and others for manufacturing. In the US, annual salaries vary by state, town and city, so, location is one of the major factors people consider when finding and applying for new jobs.

Whether you’re a recent college or high school graduate, or are looking to switch careers after years in a particular industry, there are plenty of jobs available across the US. However, which are the best towns to get a good job in the US? Read on to find out more about where is the best to get a job in the US, and find out which are the top 6 towns to launch your career.

Which State Has the Highest Job Demand?

Colorado, located in central USA, is considered one of the states with the highest job demand. In 2022, Colorado ranks at number 1 for the highest employment in the USA. 

Meanwhile, Austin in Texas is one of the most popular cities for job seekers as it has witnessed a strong growth in jobs combined with low unemployment and a fast-growing startup sector. Similarly, Jacksonville in Florida has witnessed a similar trend of unemployment alongside a boom in job opportunities, making it a hotspot for some of the highest job demand in the US. 

Which City in the US Has the Best Job Opportunities? 

Which city in the US has the best job opportunities depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for the highest paid job? Or, are you looking to develop your career within a particular industry? 

Generally, New York City is considered one of the best cities for job opportunities. Known globally for its wealth, New York City is home to a diverse range of businesses from finance, real estate to healthcare. With a population of over 8.4 million and over 1 million established businesses, there are plenty of opportunities for young and older working professionals in the Big Apple.

Nevertheless, Austin in Texas is becoming one of the most popular cities for job seekers. Not only is it more affordable to live here, being over 31.4% cheaper to live in than New York, but it has a high demand when it comes to tech. A booming tech startup hub, Austin might be the next place to consider for those launching their careers or startups as well as for ambitious and career-driven college graduates and those just starting out in their careers.

How Many US Citizens Are Unemployed? 

Following the pandemic, unemployment in the US has fallen from 23 million unemployed to now only 6 million. Regardless, everyday living costs and inflation continue to rise across the US – making it crucial for US citizens to find and remain in stable employment. 

Today, Alaska, New Mexico and Delaware are the top 3 states for unemployment. Having witnessed a rise following the pandemic and loss of jobs in these areas. 

Which City in the US Has the Best Job Opportunities?

Some of the best cities in the US for job opportunities are Austin in Texas, Tampa in Florida and Phoenix in Arizona. However, there are plenty of job opportunities in the US, but it all boils down to what your career goals are and how stable you want your income to be, relative to the risk you may take in a career. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 cities and towns in the US for job opportunities. Read on to find out where you should consider relocating to for your career.

1. Austin, Texas 

Fun fact: Texas is the second largest US state

One of the main reasons why Austin in Texas is popular for job seekers is due to its everyday living costs. On average, Austin is relatively cheap to rent an apartment in, costing on average $1,513 per month to rent. This is relatively affordable when compared to other cities or major towns in the US.

What’s more, Austin has the fastest growing US job market. With great transport links, good entertainment, food and living costs, Austin is one of the best cities in the US for young working professionals. Austin, Texas has also in recent times benefitted from the growing startup sector seeing a rise throughout the State of Texas. 

2. Tampa, Florida 

Fun fact: Cuban cigars were made in Tampa, Florida

By April 2022, Tampa’s labor force had witnessed a 4.2% increase. What’s more, it witnessed the most growth in the private sector and has one of the lowest unemployment scores compared to similar size cities. Florida has also in recent times seen a reduction in crime and increases in overall employment and employment opportunities, making it an increasingly appealing place to live when looking for any type of job, anywhere in the US.

For those looking for jobs in healthcare, then look no further than Tampa. Tampa is one of the best cities for jobs in healthcare, with the highest paid jobs in the city and surrounding towns being in this industry; such as physicians, surgeons and dentists all earning well above $300,000 per year. The weather in Tampa, being in the State of Florida, also contributes to a good quality of life in the town.

3. Phoenix, Arizona 

Fun fact: Pheonix is America’s largest state capital by population

Phoenix, known for its luxurious hotels, golf courses and breathtaking landscapes, is now also one of the most popular major cities in the US for job hunters and employers of all ages and regardless of qualifications. Set to be one of the fastest growing cities in the US, it is without a doubt a great place to consider to getting a job.

In particular, there is growing demand for jobs in manufacturing, construction and professional and tech-related services. Whether you’re a degree holder or not, there are plenty of different entry level jobs available in the Phoenix market which pay well. The State of Arizona also benefits from a warm climate, making it a comfortable place to live if you are not a fan of cold weather.

4. Denver, Colorado

Fun fact: Denver is exactly one mile high

One of the most lucrative industries today, not just in the US but globally, is tech. Mid-sized cities like Denver are great for young working professionals looking to step onto the career ladder, with Colorado state recovering nearly all 375,000 jobs lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore,  the State of Colorado is set to steadily increase its influence in the US jobs market as the years continue according to economists. 

The jobs predominantly in demand in Denver are varied and therefore, it is a great spot for a wide variety of jobs and people who are flexible about their career options and choices. People with different backgrounds and skill levels all see increased opportunities in Denver, making it a fantastic place to look for any job, in most industries. For example, there is an increase in demand for nurses, sales associates as well as software engineers. 

5. Portland, Oregon 

Fun fact: the creator of the Simpsons is from Portland

Portland has witnessed a 51.8% increase in job opportunities, contributing to the economic growth of the State of Oregon. Portland in particular is a great place to go for employers looking to seek new, young talent and also retain a workforce. Famously known for its manufacturing industry and home to one of the largest Boeing shops, Portland, Oregon is a great location for those looking to develop new skills and launch their careers whilst still young, hungry and ambitious.

Furthermore, people generally tend to be happier on average in Portland, compared with other locations in the USA. With lots of outdoor space, sites to see and lots to do, Portland offers a good work life balance and is possibly one of the best places for young professionals to consider when wanting to start a family too. 

6. Jacksonville, Florida

Fun fact: Jacksonville has the largest urban park system in America

Another great city in Florida for job opportunities is Jacksonville. One of the largest cities in the Sunshine State, Jacksonville has lots to do both for work and play. With one of the fastest growing and diverse job markets in Florida and the USA, without a doubt Jacksonville is a great place to consider relocating to in the USA when job hunting and looking to settle down.

In particular, the financial services industry is popular in Jacksonville with competitive salaries on offer, perfect for people looking to avoid having an irregular income. Employers such as Merril Lynch, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase are located in the town and are widely employing in Jacksonville, making it one of the strongest US city economies. In addition, Jacksonville is known for its military bases, opening up plenty of military and civilian job opportunities for locals too.